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Hiv / Aids Do's and Don'ts
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  • Donít accuse them for getting infected, it doesnít help

  • Donít try to probe into when, where the person was infected

  • Donít make them feel guilty

  • Donít isolate them in their home / workplace

  • Donít separate them from spouse or children, since they are the best support for them. It is important for them to spend quality family time together

  • Donít use gloves in feeding the infected person or to wipe off his saliva, sweat, nasal secretions and tears

  • Donít share razors, tooth brush and other sharp objects with infected person or for that matter with any body else

  • It is not necessary to wash their clothes seperately

  • Donít disclose the HIV status of infected person to friends, employer and insurance company

  • Donít humiliate the infected person, his / her spouse or children

  • Donít scare them of suffering and death. In the terminal stage, prepare them for a smooth journey to death

  • Donít get conned by the fake claims, false cures, witch hunters and faith healers. Wait for declaration of the noble prize for the real cure

  • Donít spend the entire available money limit in the first bout of illness, it may be the first of such illnesses in the pipeline. Make a proper planning of your spending capability.

  • Donít take many relatives to see the patient admitted in hospital

  • Donít test for HIV repeatedly, once the presence of infection is established it remains there forever

When dealing with a person living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) the bottom line is that you must treat them , the way out would like to be treated if you were infected with HIV.

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